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The Alamo Rangers organized in 1954 and four short years later, after purchasing uniforms from the Belmont Grenadiers, formed the legend that is now the Chicago Royal-Airs.The Royal-Airs revitalized the full-corps company front and the ever-popular American Flag presentation. The Van Gilder portrait above was donated by corps members from Minnesota. It hung in Royal-Air Hall from 1965 until the corps folded in 1969. Reunited in 2002, following a 34-year absence from the field, the Royal-Airs set a new standard for alumni corps around the nation. The Royal-Airs Reunion Corps paid tribute to its founder, Sie Lurye, in 2002. In 2003 the Big Blue dedicated its season to Col. Truman Crawford, brass arranger from 1962-1968. Then, in 2004 and 2005 the Royal-Air Alumni Corps entered the field with totally revitalized programs committed to providing marching members and drum corps fans more opportunities to experience military style drum corps and the tradition of one of the most renowned corps in drum corps history. .

LEFT:2002 probably marked the highest point in RA history, with the exception of the 1965 season.


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Click below to upload one of three Royal-Air openers:"Mutiny on the Bounty(1963)"; "Flying Machines(1966)"; "Vaquero(1968)"

  • Mutiny on the Bounty
  • Flying Machines
  • Vaquero
  • 1 Cavaliers 79.166
  • 2 Belville B.K. 77.533
  • 3 Royal Airs 73.153
  • 4 Imperials 71.00
  • 5 Vanguard 68.45
  • 6 Purple Knights 66.066
  • 7 Marquette 65.786
  • 8 Phantom Regiment 62.05
  • 9 Milstadt 61.60
  • 10 Viscounts 56.915
  • 11 Vaqueros 53.516
  • 12 Chi-Angels 52.216
  • 13 Cougars 50.85
  • 14 Scarlet Knights 41.869
  • 15 Norwood Cadets 34.716
  • 16 Blue Knights 25.833

  • There are at least eight Hall of Famers who either worked with RA and MOB or who influenced the direction of RA and MOB: Donny Allen, Roman Blenski, Truman Crawford, Sie Lurye, Ken Norman, Steve Vickers, Don Warren< John Zimny.

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