Born in the early 1950's as the "Alamo Rangers", The Big Blue took the name, "Royal Airs" in 1958. The early staff of the Royal Airs included Sie Lurye as Corps Director; Rich Tarsitano, brass; Larry Kaczmarik, M&M. Tarsitano became well known for his hard-hitting and powerful arrangements of "Quo Vadis", "Venus", "Conquest", and "Jericho" as well as "Diana" and "I Enjoy Being A Girl."

The 1958 Royal Airs
Ken Szadowski and his baritone in 1959.
On Parade (1959)at A.L. Nationals in Minneapolis

A publicity picture taken in 1961 at "The Old Boathouse" in Humboldt Park.
Publicity Photo, Circa:1962, at Kankakee High School"

The 1961 Chicago Royal Airs perform at VFW Nationals in Miami, Florida. They took 3rd in pre-lims and 7th in finals.
Could 1964 have been the RA's greatest hornline? The "bridesmaid corps" took 2nd at VFW Nationals in Cleveland.
DM Judy Naples and Sie, Circa, 1961.
The Big Blue was founded on a strong spiritual base and always offered prayers before a performance.

Col. Truman Crawford began writing the Royal Air music and teaching the brass after the 1962 season. His jazzy, up-tempo style made these and other tunes classics in drum corps circles: Bally Hoo March, Alexander's Rag Time Band, John Brown's Body, Watermelon Man, Voo Doo Moon, Vaquero,Mutiny on the Bounty, Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, Casino Royale, and The Shadow of Your Smile

1965-1966 Pics